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Printing large PDFs on A4-sized printer as a puzzle


We supply our electronic wiring diagrams sized A0, A1, A2, A3 to our
filed service engineers, so they can look at them on the screen of 
their 800x600 laptop. Luckily they can zoom into them for detail, but
them they miss the large picture. They now want to print them out, 
but only have access to a A4 size printer.

Is there a plugin to Acrobat that prints out huge PDFs, that can be 
stitched/glued together like a puzzle after printed on many A4's?

Preferably the PDF must be printed on a user-defined matrix of 2x3, 
3x3, 4x4 printed A4's.

Please reply to me directly as I am not on the PDF list, just on
both FM lists.


Cas Tuyn

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