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RE: Chapter numbering stalls [SOLUTION]

Recapping:  we have a chapter 3 that stubbornly numbers itself chapter 2.
The problem appeared to be in chapter 2.  None of the solutions in the
archive or those suggested on the list in recent days helped.  Now read on

This book has a history.  It was originally in Word 97 but was converted to
RTF and opened in FrameMaker.  Some peculiar things happened.  Little
hanging sidenotes in Word got converted to text frames without borders in
FrameMaker and appeared to be pasted on the background of the body pages.

The file was set to save as even pages.  The text ended on an odd page but,
when we saved, a final even page was added but it had a DISCONNECTED flow!
The previous page had autoconnect as did both Left and Right master pages.

Cleaning out the contents of chapter 2 and then saving found this file
shrinking from 24 pages to *** 18 pages ***, not 1 page as expected.  Page
18 had one of these anomalous 'sidenotes' on it.  Successively deleting the
last page and resaving saw the file shrink from 18 pages to 15, 14, 12,

Oddly enough, not all pages had the anomalous sidenote on them -- many were
behaving like custom pages but there were no custom master pages and we had
not modified any body pages.  (Remember, the document was imported from
Word, so the text frame margins, etc. were inherited from the original
document.)  Eventually I reduced the file to one empty page, deleted the
text frame from the body page, and re-applied the Left and Right automatic

Pouring all the contents back in (minus the sidenotes) from a backup file
and generating/updating in the book file fixed the chapter numbering.


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