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RE: Using Perforce for FM version control?

I'd be really grateful for similar observations about 
Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest, or whatever... Our 
company is switching over (from MKS, which I successfully 
avoided these past couple of years), and I'm asked to 
"get in line".

I don't mind using the system, as long as I don't lose 
anything (besides my time in adapting to new ways).

FrameMaker users of Rational Clear-whatever?  Speak up, please.

Howzit goin', eh?

Best regards,

Kevin McLauchlan

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Simon Bate [mailto:sbate@extricity.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 1:17 PM
> To: 'framers@FrameUsers.com'; 'framers@omsys.com'
> Subject: Using Perforce for FM version control?

> The question: is anyone out there using Perforce for 
> FrameMaker/WWP version
> control?  If so, what has your experience been?  Have you 
> ever experienced
> corruption of FrameMaker files? WWP files?

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