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Using Perforce for FM version control?

Our current version control tool (good faith) doesn't seem to be working
well, so we're looking into some alternatives.  Because our engineering team
recently shifted from SourceSafe to Perforce, we have a choice: use the
existing licenses for SourceSafe and manage it ourselves, or purchase
additional Perforce seats for our team and have it managed by the same folks
who are managing Perforce for engineering. 

The reviews of using SourceSafe to version control FrameMaker and WWP (.wdt)
files are mixed.  I've only had one bad experience with SourceSafe
corrupting a WWP file, but others in our team have reported a number of
FrameMaker file corruptions.  

The question: is anyone out there using Perforce for FrameMaker/WWP version
control?  If so, what has your experience been?  Have you ever experienced
corruption of FrameMaker files? WWP files?

Any input would be useful.

Simon Bate
Online Visionary, Publications
Extricity, Inc.
v  650 486 4477
m 408 396 7947

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