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RE: NEW bloat in PDF file sizes....

And of course, you hopefully are NOT using "the HP5siMXPS driver" (whatever that is)
to produce PostScript for distillation. You should be using the AdobePS 5.1.2 driver
with the Acrobat Distiller PPD. In fact, there should be a printer instance called
"Acrobat Distiller" that is associated with the correct PPD and will automatically
route your PostScript to the Distiller in the background.

        - Dov

At 11/7/2000 07:37 AM, Stevens, Ananda wrote:
>Dov nailed it on the head. 
>I'm using NT 4, Frame 6, Acrobat 4.05, the HP5siMXPS driver...
>MOST of the graphics are 16-color BMP files, since we single-source 
>and need BMP files for WinHelp. 
>But there are some 256-color BMP graphics. And they're fairly large
>graphics, since they show multiple windows with 256-color icons. 
>My proposed solution: conditional text. I'll put the 256-color BMP
>graphics in the HelpOnly condition, and create some 24-bit TIFFs and 
>keep them in a PrintOnly condition.  
>If there's interest, I can post the resulting file sizes.
>--Ananda Stevens

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