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RE: NEW bloat in PDF file sizes....

Dov nailed it on the head. 

I'm using NT 4, Frame 6, Acrobat 4.05, the HP5siMXPS driver...

MOST of the graphics are 16-color BMP files, since we single-source 
and need BMP files for WinHelp. 

But there are some 256-color BMP graphics. And they're fairly large
graphics, since they show multiple windows with 256-color icons. 

My proposed solution: conditional text. I'll put the 256-color BMP
graphics in the HelpOnly condition, and create some 24-bit TIFFs and 
keep them in a PrintOnly condition.  

If there's interest, I can post the resulting file sizes.


--Ananda Stevens
Tech. Pubs. Specialist

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