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Re: Automatic TOC tab stop before page number?

I have never had to insert these extraneous TOC pages to get the tab stops to work in a TOC. One must have the tab inserted on the reference page of the TOC file BEFORE a generate though. It seems more likely that your first tab definition in the paragraph format is to the left of where the page number ends up, rendering your tab useless. (BTW: I'm against cluttering up files with extra, non-need reference pages like this.)

===snip from D. Emory========
To solve this problem, all of the files in the book for which you
are generating the TOC must contain a TOC reference page
in which all <$paratext> <$pagenum> lines
of the TOC specifications have a tab stop inserted
between <$paratext> and <$pagenum>

Craig Ede 
Los Jugadores Bazutadores.

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