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XML Import - was Re: Adobe rep on Adobe website forum


It seems that, to some degree, your wish is being granted. Check out the XML
import plugin for FM+SGML 6.0:


You have to compile it though. I am still using 5.5.6, so I can't comment on its

Greg Henderson
Lucent Technologies
> About the only enhancement request I'd like to see put in front of
> bugfixes is better XML support (import & Unicode for starters, next
> would be automatic EDD/CSS/XSL(T) conversions). I think Lee is well
> aware that this is a hot button issue out here. Whether anything
> actually gets *done* about it, I guess we have to wait and see.
> Meanwhile, like many others, I'm looking for alternatives.
>         Larry
>         (who would be perfectly happy with a troff/XML lash-up,
>         but would get lynched by his co-workers for suggesting it)

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