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Automatic TOC tab stop before page number?

Hi Frame Warriors,
I need to convince Frame 6.0 for Windows to automatically place a tab stop between a generated TOC entry ( <paratext>) and it's pagenumber (<pagenum>).  Basically, when I apply my TOC template to a newly generated TOC, I want the page numbers to move to the right of page. Currently, the writers must manually insert a tab stop between the text and page number of each entry.  I've tried adding the tab stop in the Paragraph Designer for 1HeadingTOC, 2HeadingTOC, etc. 
I've also edited the reference page to show
<$paratext>(tab stop symbol) <$pagenum>
 - - for each of the 4 TOC paratags.  Does anyone have any ideas? 
Thanks so much
Tristan Bishop
Clarity Consulting