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Re: MacOS9 strikes again

Mac frame users,

Slobodan Despot originally wrote:

> All Mac users of FrameMaker appreciate the very quick Command-Space shortcut
> allowing you to apply a ParaTag by typing its first letters in a small
> black box
> in the bottom bar.
> [...]
> The real problem is that there seems to be no way to switch off that OS 9
> keyboard carnival and restore our traditional shortcuts. Am I wrong?

Although there is no easy way to switch off or change these shortcuts,
Apple seems to have noticed the problem (actually, the page below says it's
last been modified in January 1995!) and has provided instructions in its
technote #9844, entitled "System 7: Modifying the Keyboard Layout Switching
Command." This will modify these shortcuts system-wide, i.e. for *all*

The page can be found at


You will have to use a resource editor such as the (free) ResEdit; make a
copy of your System file, apply the changes in that file, and swap the
changed file with the original (standard warning: you should keep the
original file in case something goes wrong).
However, I haven't yet tried this with Mac OS 9. I've changed it once under
a copy of System version 7.6.1; it actually should still work the same way
under 9.0.4, but who can tell...

In case anyone's interested, back then I chose to use the F4 key in the
following way:

 - switching between scripts:
 - switching between keyboards within the current script:

Accordingly, my KSWP ID=0 resource looks like this (use this version at
your own risk...):

FFFF 7609
FFFE 4601
0000 4201
0000 0000

[The key code for F4 is 76; information about the rest of the hex codes can
be found in the technote, which also contains a reference to a more
detailed description in one of the Inside Macintosh books, available
on-line from Apple.]


Markus Frischknecht
Email: mfrischknecht@access.ch

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