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Re: MacOS9 strikes again

At 4:18 PM -0700 19/10/00, Lee Richardson wrote:
>>The real problem is that there seems to be no way to switch off that OS 9
>>keyboard carnival and restore our traditional shortcuts. Am I wrong?
>I think so. Control Panels->Keyboard has two buttons at the
>bottom- Function Keys... and Options...

That's odd. Mine only has the help system button and Options (OS 9.0.4). No
Function Keys on that Control Panel on this Mac. It's the same on my
desktop and PowerBook Macs. What's going on there? The Keyboard Control
Panel version is 8.4, but it's from a clean install of 9, so should be up
to date.

>The Options button brings up a small dialog that lets you choose between
>cmd-space and cmd-option-space. I just tried the cmd-option-space setting
>with FM6 on MacOS 9.04 and cmd-space works for typing para tag names in

I don't have that box checked (in other words, I don't have the
Cmd-Option-Space alternative checked) and all three versions of FrameMaker
work fine. Peculiar.

- web

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