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ANN: Frame 6 revision to Mastering FrameMaker 5

(Cross-posted to several Frame lists.)


The Frame 6 revision to Mastering FrameMaker 5
is nearly complete!

We expect to have bound books in the next
eight weeks. For those of who have asked to
be put on an early list for buyers, I have
some good news -- a 20% discount on orders
placed prior to November 15.

Of course, if you were a buyer of the Mastering
FrameMaker 5 reprint, the offer of a complimentary
copy for the cost of shipping & handling still
stands. See below for details.

The particulars:

   Title: The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
   Price: $36.00 before 11/15 -- $45.00 thereafter
   Publisher's imprint: Twelfth Night Books
   ISBN: 1-930597-01-0 (will be registered on release)

Web Ordering -- To order using a credit card,
go to any of these locations:

   TECHWR-L website    : http://www.raycomm.com/
   FrameUser's website : http://www.FrameUsers.com/
   Twelfth Night Books : http://www.twelfthnight.com/

All transactions are processed using a secure server
hosted by Mindspring Enterprises.

Prices:  $36.00 US per book ($45.00 after 11/15)
         + 6.00 S/H per book (or see below)
         $42.00 US per book

Shipping -- Domestic orders are shipped USPS
Priority Mail. International orders are shipped
via USPS Surface unless otherwise requested.
Click one of the links above for other
international alternatives.

If you bought the Mastering FrameMaker 5 reprint,
you're entitled to a complimentary copy of the
revision with my thanks. Please send $6 S/H per
book and your shipping address to receive your
copy. For alternate shipping options, see above.

Feel free to email me if you have questions.


Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
(the revision to "Mastering FrameMaker 5")

Foundation: Building Sentence Skills
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