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Re: Left-right chapter start pages

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From: "Nola Colman" <nolac@imetinc.com>
> We have a book set up with a book file made up of several chapters.
> The length of each chapter may be an even or odd number of pages.
> We want to create a book so that there are no blank pages at the ends of
> chapters, so each succeeding chapter will begin on the following page,
> be it a left or right page.
> The chapter's master page layout has 'Left First' and 'Right First' master
> pages, and then left/right pages for the rest of the chapter.
> Our quandry:
> How do we instruct Frame to automatically use a 'Left First' page when the
> chapter begins on an even number, and a 'Right First' page when it is odd?

Since you want your custom-made master pages (not the ordinary Left and
Right master pages) to be automatically applied, you cannot use the
option of setting up the files in the book to use Next Available Side.
Your only option in this case is to make your first two pages of a
chapter into a separate file, and use the standard-named master pages
in this file, but with the same layout as your custom-made ones.
The file with the rest of the chapter do not use the custom-made ones.
You then set up each file in the book to use Next Available Side.

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