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Re: EPS graphics got them jaggies--OT remark


Perhaps you are thinking of the remark made by the consulting detective,
Sherlock Holmes, who stated (more or less, since my anthology is at
so I can't quote it directly):

"My dear Watson, when all other explanations have been eliminated, the
remaining explanation, no matter how improbable, must be true."


Jason Aiken wrote:
> Honestly, I wasn't drinking funny lemonade when this happened and it's
> worked on multiple users. I know it doesn't make logical sense, but who
> was it that said when all logical possibilities lead nowhere, the
> illogical must be true?
> After working with Windoze, I've had too much time to think while
> rebooting my system.
> Shruggin' shoulders here,
> J
> >>> "Dov Isaacs" <isaacs@Adobe.COM> 10/16/00 10:43am >>>
> Jason,
> I honestly don't know why you are seeing what you are, but I can
> assure you that the ATM "smooth font edges on screen" option
> that enables or disables antialiasing of fonts for the display
> has absolutely NOTHING to do with generated PostScript with
> any driver whatsoever whether it be the Microsoft PSCRIPT driver,
> the drivers distributed by Hewlett-Packard for use with their
> emulated PostScript devices (such as the 8100), or the AdobePS
> drivers (you are NOT legally entitled to use the AdobePS 4.2.6
> driver with that Hewlett-Packard printer).
> Creating EPS with the "fonts as outlines" option will certainly
> highly degrade text output. Embedding is always better.
>         - Dov
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