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Print / Don't print dialogue gone?


I was recently training a new user with Clasroom in a Book 5.5 but using FM
6, winging it where v. 6 is different.  When we went to print from the book
file, the familiar dialogue that normally asks you to sort files into Print
and Don't Print lists was absent.  However, you can select the file to be
printed in the book window to print.

Someone tell me that the dialogue is still there somewhere but accessed a
different way.  If in fact you have to select the files in the book window
and cannot record which ones are to print by default, this is a backward

I normally set up a book with a README.fm file at the top that contains all
the To Do's to be done for the next release plus other info. for the next
writer to work on a document.  The book also includes diagnostic generated
lists to pinpoint unresolved cross-references and to list all graphics and
text insets imported by reference and where used.  Naturally, none of these
management files are ever printed as part of the book or PDF.

If the Print / Don't Print dialogue has in fact gone, so that you have to
select the files to print each time, this will be YOMT (Yet One More Thing)
to remember to do when rolling out the final deliverable.  At least let us
tick the files in the left margin of the book window to indicate the file
to print and have the ticks "stick" when the book file is saved.  Or you
could always edit the MIF file ...


Hedley Finger, Technical communicator and FrameMaker mentor
Adobe Certified Expert, FrameMaker 5.5.x
MYOB Australia
<http://www.myob.com>   <http://www.myob.com.au>
P.O. box 371   Blackburn VIC 3130   Australia
370 Whitehorse Road   Nunawading VIC 3010   Australia
Tel. +61 3 9894 0945   Mob. +61 412 461 558

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