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Re: Landscape and Portrait in same doc

| Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 15:54:59 -0700 (PDT)
| From: mariposa <mariposa625@yahoo.com>
| Subject: Landscape and Portrait in same doc
| To: framers@FrameUsers.com
| Does anyone know how to do landscape and porptrait in same document?
| I have called Adobe twice. The first time the rep told me he'd email
| me the instructions. He didn't. I called back and that tech told me
| it's on the web in the knolwedgebase. That is based on 5.5 and we
| have 6.0.
| The manual is not clear. When I set up master page and then rotate
| page, I pull graphic in and it moves around to a non-rotated page.
| When I move the graphic to the rotated page, the graphic rotates
| yet again (so it is facing downward).
| I am new to Frame - (4 mos.) 
| thanks for any help
| anna

Anna -

To create a landscape page, the steps to follow are:

1. View > Master Pages

2. Special > Add Master Page

3. in the New Master Page dialog, assign a name to the Master Page,
   and select the "empty" option* for the initial page layout.

   Note: This will create a portrait-oriented page.

4. Use the Format > Customized Layout > Rotate Page Clockwise
   command to switch to a landscape orientation

   (* or Counterclockwise -- it may depend on how your specific
   printer will output the turned page)

5. Finally, create the page elements as needed: tagged (template)
   text frames, untagged (header/footer) text frames, background
   graphics (e.g., logos, rules)

   You can also copy/paste these from other pages, and adjust the
   size and position as needed to fit the different orientation.

* I find it clearer to generate a totally blank page, rotate it
  and then place the design elements on it, rather than copying
  the layout from an existing page, rotating the page, selecting
  the text frames & graphics, rotating them 180 degrees, and then
  having to readjust their sizes and positons.  But that approch
  also works; it's a personal choice which method you find easier.

However, I'm not sure this answers your question completely, as
I don't follow your explanation of the behavior of the graphic
turning when placed on the landscape page.

-- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley               |  email: LSmalley@Infocon.com
 Information Consultants, Inc.   |  phone: (302) 239-2942
 Hockessin, DE  USA 19707-0310   |  fax:   (302) 239-1712
  * Adobe Certified Expert -- FrameMaker and FrameMaker+SGML *
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