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Re: Word Docs into Frame 6.0

| From: "Geshel, Robert" <Robert.Geshel@hit.cendant.com>
| Subject: Word Docs into Frame 6.0
| Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 13:05:16 -0400
| I need some help!
| Has anyone encountered problems with Frame documents, that began life as a
| Word document, and had "Track Changes" utilized?
| We've encountered some interesting text coloring and involuntary change bar
| insertion in the Frame documents.
| Besides not using Word/not utilizing Track Changes, which are the solutions
| I gave my boss, and he shot down, what else can we do?
| Bob Geshel
| Cendant Corp. Phoenix, AZ

The current filters in FrameMaker (both v5.5x and v6) import
"tracked changes" as conditional text, marked either with the
condition "Inserted" or "Deleted" as appropriate.

If you wish, yo can simply hide the deleted data and keep the
inserted info visible, but without the condition indicators
(the "interesting text coloring and involuntary change bar")

1. Special > Conditional Text

2. Click the "show/hide" button (lower-right corner)

3. Use the mouse and arrow buttons on the dialog to have the
   desired data in the "show" and "hide" columns.

4. Set the "show condition indicators" checkbox as desired:
   ON   will display the colors/bars 
   OFF  will use the normal formatting info, para & char tags

5. Click Set 

The info will remain in the document, but the hidden conditions
will only be visible as a Condition Marker (when text symbols
are displayed) in the file.  It is still there, but can not be
checked for spelling and search/replace won't be able to access
the content (although you can use the find option to search for
conditional text meeting specific settings).

Or, you can use FrameMaker to delete the condition tag(s), and if
there is content linked only to a specific condition, you can
decide to either delete the content or make it unconditional.

1. Special > Conditional Text

2. Click on a condition tag name

3. Click "edit condition tag" button (bottom center)

4. In the resulting window, click "delete" and answer the
   query window about whether to delete the info or make it

Repeat for additonal condition tags as desired.

I hope this helps.

-- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley               |  email: LSmalley@Infocon.com
 Information Consultants, Inc.   |  phone: (302) 239-2942
 Hockessin, DE  USA 19707-0310   |  fax:   (302) 239-1712
  * Adobe Certified Expert -- FrameMaker and FrameMaker+SGML *
INFOCON is an ADOBE Solution Sales Provider offering hardware and
software focused on integrated office solutions for productivity.

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