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Re[2]: Autonumbering questions


There's no doubt that the proper use of autonumbering tags enhances
any operation of constructing consistent documentation, whether the
end product is a few pages or thousands.

Imagine the documentation set for the DC-10 aircraft. It amounts to
many thousands of pages and must be cross referenced by the ATA-100
three number-series chapter codes (XXX-XXX-XXX). You cannot maintain
consistency in a large manual set without using autonumbering!

Dennis Hays Information Design

Monday, October 09, 2000, 3:24:23 PM, you wrote:

>>IF not, the template as designed by the consultant is nearly worthless.
>>This person should be paid accordingly. (and yes, consultants, I know
>>_exactly_ what I am saying here.  Flames will be deleted.)

> What flames? I think we all agree.

> Sarah

Best regards,
Dennis Hays Information Design

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