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RE: framers-digest V1 #304

Barb asks, and I'd like to endorse the question:

>When I save a book as PDF from Framemaker or when I print it out, I get an
>error message that says "Inconsistent Settings in Book. Print setting for
>Black is inconsistent in <filename>.  The book may not print correctly.'

In my case, the platform is WinNT 4.0, service pack 3, Frame 5.5.6, printing
to a Lexmark black laser printer with true PostScript. 

The two files involved are two indexes that had original styles imported
from a different template. I'd blame things on the template except that the
FIRST index created by the same means does not cause this inconsistency

I've taken the following actions to try to resolve the situation:
* open a file early in the book and import only the color settings to all
files in book
* open the first index file, which doesn't do this, and check its color
views and print separations set up, and then open the other two indexes and
duplicate those settings in them
* print all files in book as a single print run (in case the settings in the
print dialog itself were generating the problem and would get overridden
once printed in a stream)

Haven't yet tried saving the BOOK file to MIF and back, that's next.
Meanwhile, however, I'd love to know where this nuisance setting is hiding
for sure.

Deborah Snavely 

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