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Re: Any experience with FrameTools/FrameScript?


We use FrameScript extensively.

It is extremely valuable -- do not hesitate for half a second.  However,
it does have a significant learning curve. The more you know about
programming, the more comfortable.  "Artsy types" will have more
difficulty with it.

However, it has saved us many thousands of dollars in labor.

The creator is very responsive to suggestions and to providing

There is also a small group, like these Frame groups, for FS.  That can
be very valuable.  The posting address is framescript-users@eGroups.com,
but you have to get subscribed first -- all I remember is going to
www.eGroups.com to find the group and subscribe.

There are also a few FS-heads (sorry Rick!) that have freeware,
shareware, or priced scripts available -- or they can write something
for you if you need something special, fast.

Go for it.

"Baker, Patrick" wrote:
> I'm looking at the FML products - FrameTools and FrameScript.
> Initially, the paragraph format report feature of the FrameTools
> product is what interests me. It may help me with some template
> management issues.
> Can someone share some experience or direct knowledge of these
> products with me?  Thanks.
> Pat
> Patrick Baker
> MTS Systems Corporation
> (612)937-4773
> patrick.baker@mts.com
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