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Adobe PS driver adventures (continued)

Acrobat users ---
I hang my head in shame. It was all my fault. Two years ago Adobe released
Distiller 3.02 and I just went on my merry way working with Distiller 3.01.
Today I paid the price. I acted on Dov Isaac's suggestion that I download
Version 3.02 and try again, and lo and behold, everything works just fine.
My thanks to Dov for (a) not telling me what a *^&*^& I am for not upgrading
2 years ago when I should have and (b) for being awake and responding to my
email at what must have been a truly inhuman hour way out there in sunny
I will have to search my conscience to discover why I upgraded the PS driver
withing minutes of hearing about the new version and took 2 years to upgrade
Distiller. Anyway, my sincere apologies to all for having defamed the folks
at Adobe without justification (this time).
                Alex Ragen
Certification and Technical Publications Manager
         Check Point Software Technologies
  phone: +972 3 753 4552 fax: +972 3 575 9256
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