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Re: Warning -- Adventures with AdobePS 5.1.2 PostScript Driver for Windows NT 4.0


Acrobat Distiller 3.01 was replaced by Distiller 3.02 over two
years ago because of various problems of the type you mention
plus many more. I am very surprised you haven't tripped over such
problems before.

The updater from 3.01 to 3.02 is available on the Adobe web site.
If you are still having the problem with AdobePS 5.1.2 AFTER you
update the Distiller to 3.02, please advise.

         - Dov

At 2/9/00 12:57 AM , Alex Ragen wrote:
>I downloaded and installed the new Adobe PS 5.1.2 driver for NT (using the
>Adobe Distiller PPD) just as soon as I got Dov's message, and was that a
>mistake! To test the new driver, I created a PS file from a short (25 page)
>FrameMaker book with the new driver. The PS file was OK (checked with
>GhostView) but the PDF (made by Distiller 3.01) was totally screwed up.
>Extra pages were added in the middle and everything that was in Helvetica or
>Courier just disappeared -- blank text.
>So I just went back to the previous Adobe PS driver (5.0) and did the whole
>thing again, but the result was almost the same: the extra pages are gone
>(good) but Helvetica and Courier are still missing -- just blank space in
>their place! It's as though the presence of the new driver has screwed up
>the old Distiller. I should add that I have generated the PDF many times in
>the last few weeks just fine, but since I installed the new PS driver I
>can't do anything.
>Now I am absolutely stuck. I have tried everything. I rebooted. I
>reinstalled Distiller. I removed Helvetica and Courier from my ATM list and
>regenrated everything. Nothing helps.
>Thanks a lot Adobe.
>                 Alex Ragen
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