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Moving Text Cross-Platform

Hello Framers,

I've got a doc in Frame on UNIX (5.6 SGML) in one template. The text needs to be moved to another, different, template in Frame on Window (5.6 Win95). I can think of a couple of ways to do this. I could copy the text straight from UNIX to Windows using the copy tool on Exceed. Or, I could FTP the files to Windows and open using the Win copy of Frame (will  there be problems between 5.6SGML and 5.6 Win?). And so on. However, never having done this before, my questions is this. What, in your experience, is the best way to do this? That is, what method is the lest prone to cause me headache, now and later on? 

FYI - The SGML file is not "structured" at all. SGML was recently applied to Frame 5.5 as part and parcel of adding Rational source code control to the department UNIX files.

As they say in school: Thanks for sharing.


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