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Re: getting engineers to use Frame

Edited from framers digest: February 06, 2000:

From: Graphicpro@aol.com 

Having the same problem on a contract position, I created a frame doc with 
all the paragraph styles displayed and explained. 


And the original poster:
barbara_hubert@epicdata.com writes:

<< First let me ramble on a bit about giving a very complicated desktop
 publishing application to some very intelligent, highly creative
 individuals who are completely ignorant of the software and have no
 time/desire to really learn it.
end editing

Actually my firm is in the unique position that the engineers brought in FrameMaker first and on Unix. These engineers range from users who will do a little bit of work on one or two short documents once every few years to super-users who use the most complicated book structures, fmbatch, mifscripts, etc. on a weekly if not quite daily basis. The issue comes down to template documentation and training. They are always some users who don't grasp FrameMaker's power if they're used to doing 34 overrides of the normal.dot. Training must include some basic FrameMaker formatting concerns, such as adding rows to a table. (Word users do love that tabbing from the last cell to add a new row. I'll admit that's very easy, but then using FrameMaker's dialog is just as easy.)

Some major FrameMaker template innovations have come from our engineers. Some of these even address end-user usability concerns.

We've done some of andy's approach, but will always have to deal with some of Barbara's concerns as well. We need to do more. and that's on my not-so-short list of tasks for this calendar year.

Paul K. Schulte
Medtronic, Inc.

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