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Re: Importing Word Tables into Frame

I broke my own code.

The imported table can be 'pasted' directly into Frame. Frame creates 
an anchored frame and treats the imported table as a graphic (OLE2) 

If parts of the object are not visible, double-click on the graphic, 
and drag the object borders until the entire graphic is  visable. 
Once all the edges are visible, click on the frame page (in the 
background) to return to the Body Page.

>Hi folks, I seem to be having trouble importing a Word table into 
>Frame. It pastes using both the 'Paste' and the 'Paste Special' 
>commands, but the alignment is either way off to the left, or the 
>right and the table cannot be moved in the anchored frame. Any ideas 
>would be appreciated.

Marc A. Santacroce

Senior Technical Writer
ePubs, Inc.

"An idiot with a computer is a better, faster idiot."

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