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Summary: Globally Updating Fonts


The following is a summary of globally updating fonts graciously provided by Jerilynne Sander (others sent replies, as well). Previously, I posted thanks to the list but no summary. This is something I do when I'm given info from the list but I am suddenly pulled in another direction and time passes.  It seems "rude" not acknowledge folks for sending replies; however, I am wary of posting summaries of procedures that I have not been able to "test"myself. However, requests for a summary are arriving.

So, in an effort to please, the following is one of the replies to my question. I choose this message because the answer made sense, the procedure easy, and the source is, in my experience, reliable. Warning: I have yet to attempt the following procedure.

Open the Paragraph designer
Click the Default Font tab
Select Commands > Set Window to As Is
>From the Family drop down list, select the new font
Select Commands > Global Update Options
Click the Default Font Properties Only radio button
Click the All Paragraphs and Catalog Entries radio button
Click the Update button

That should do it. (You can do the same basic thing in the Character
designer. Press Shift + F8 to turn the entire window to "as is")


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