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Re: Globally Replacing Fonts

Hi Colin,

Set the Designer to AsIs first (one of the pulldown commands does this),
and then set just the font family and do a global update. Note that
you will still get a global update -- all tags will get that font
family, so be careful.


Tom Neuburger

At 03:10 PM 1/28/00 , Colin Green wrote:

I want to globally change the fonts in a template. Do I have to open the para designer and, selecting each tag, change the font to the new one? Ditto the character designer? Or is there a way to do this globally?

I know about the Global Update function on the respectively designers. But I don't want to blow away the various font sizes and other customization for the different tags (H1, H2, etc.), I just want the font family altered. I'm figuring that the global update will alter everything in the tags.

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