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Drop Initials, how to

Frameuses et Frameux:

I can do a drop initial easily when the text frame is a single column.
(Split the column at where the baseline of the initial is to align with the
text.  Then split the new column to the right of the initial.)

But how do you do it when there are two columns in a frame.  Here are some
methods which don't work ...

@ Split column as above (unfortunately, there is no way to split just the
left-hand column).

@ Create a small initial-sized text frame and superimpose it over the Top LH
corner of the body text frame.  Give it a runaround to cause the following
body text to avoid the initial. (Body text appears UNDER the text frame.)

@ Draw a transparent rectangle with no border and no fill, but with a
runaround, and combine it with the initial frame from the previous exercise.
Superimpose as before. (Frame gets confused about the flow; problems with
typing initial into the frame and resizing for letters of different widths.)

@ Create an initial frame having  a different flow and superimpose with
run-around.  Also combine with rectangle. (Sort of works but then the 'irst
word of the para must be truncated', leading to spell-checker problems.)

@ Use text art. (Works, but is yucky in that irst word is truncated again.)

Over to you, geniuses.

[FrameMaker 5.5.6, Acrobat 3.02, Windows 98, HP OmniBook 2100]

Hedley Finger   Technical Writer

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