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RE: wiped out

You couldn't have put it any better, Eric. Day after day, week after week
the same questions over and over, even defying the advice of the ultimate
expert (DOV) by saying that they've had no problem saving as PDF or using a
non-Distiller PPD to produce the postscript to be distilled. Perhaps both of
the framers lists should begin each day by automatically posting a summary
FOLLOWING SUBJECTS. Then, we all should agree to inundate with flamemail
anyone who ignores this caveat and repeats once again what has been covered
100 times on these lists.
At 05:26 PM 12/3/99 -0500, edunn@transport.bombardier.com wrote:
>I feel sorry for DOV. How much clearer can he make it?
>To produce PDF's:
>1. Print to file using the latest distiller PPD and compatible PS driver.
>2. Distill the ps file to PDF with the settings for image downsampling and dpi
>required for your target audience/destination.
>Also, stated by DOV hundreds of times it seems, is: It doesn't matter what
>printer your recipient will use to print the PDF. Always use the distiller
>printer instance. Fighting the THINGAMAJIG 2000 printer driver to produce good
>PS only to have all the printer specific code stripped out by distiller to form
>a PDF (and possibly causing problems and corruption) just seems ridiculous in
>the sublime.
>I think Dov hasn't shouted before because he's paid to answer these things.
>Perhaps we've all collectively found his tolerance limit.
>The eternal discussion around this subject sounds like people saying: "I've
>licked my finger and stuck it in a socket a hundred times and never been
>burned." This doesn't mean the next time you do it you won't be fried to within
>an inch of your life. The attitude of "It seems to work fine and has only not
>worked a couple of times so why shouldn't I do it?" also befuddles me. An ADOBE
>rep has said repeatedly that the "save as PDF" DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. Why
>resist? Do it properly as suggested and avoid all possible problems without
>encountering them.
>It's amusing that a group that is composed of writing professionals (even
>techcomms) can't seem to follow instructions when they get them. I suppose
>telling and listening are different skill sets. (But aren't we supposed to
>listen to the audience? TECHWR-L tie-in)
>Or have I got it all wrong as well Dov?
>Eric L. Dunn
>PS: and is it just me or couldn't every question on PDF in the last three
>have been answered with a trip to the archives? Sounds like InFrame needs a PDF
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