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Re: OT: IEC symbol font

No, I don't know of a font. However, I'll tell you the way our
templates have done it--it may or may not meet your needs.

1. Put your symbol in a frame on the reference page and name the 
frame "warning". Yes, I know you've tried this, but bear with me.
2. On a body page, insert a two column table with no ruling or
shading. Make the left hand column about the same width as the 
warning symbol.
3. In the left hand column, bring up the paragraph designer. Make
the line spacing really small--like one point or something. In
the advanced properties, set the frame above to "warning". 
4. Name your paragraph style something like "warningtag", and apply
it to the paragraph in the left hand column of your table, but
don't store it in the paragraph catalog (it shouldn't be chosen
as a paragraph format).
5. Bring up the table designer, and save your table format as 
something like "Warning". 

When you need a warning, insert a "Warning" table--it will automatically
have the warning icon in the left hand column, and you can type
your warning text in the right hand column. If you make the default 
table narrow enough, I don't think it will run into your sidehead.


Dina Davidson wrote:
> Hi all...
> I am in a template building process at the moment. I would like to create a
> style with a run-in IEC warning symbol that doesn't jut into my sidehead.
> I have tried many different configs (yes, including having the symbol on the
> reference page in several ways) and I am certain that my problems will be
> solved if I can find a font that has IEC symbols in it.
> Does anyone know of such a beast? I could pitch to buy Fontographer and do
> it myself, but I doubt it will fly.
> For those of you who aren't familier with IEC symbols, the one I am looking
> for is the triangle with the exclamation mark in it
> Many thanks.
> Dina Davidson
> Technical Publications Coordinator/Technical Communicator
> Xantrex Technology Inc.
> mailto:dinad@xantrex.com
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