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Re: FM 5.5.6 install reality check please!


I, for one, am confused.  I have never had a significant problem with an
FM install, nor font issues such as you seem to be experiencing.

You left off some details:

  What platform are you on?

  Who made the document that you are trying to open?
     (apparently not you)
  What platform were they on?
     (relevant because the creator may or may not be able to
     supply the fonts you need; subject to copyright 
  What do you know about the fonts that are needed?  Are they
     PS or TT?

Having ATM on is necessary, yes.  But that won't help if the fonts are
not on your system.  Furthermore, Adobe's type CD won't help if the
fonts that were used in the document are not Adobe-made fonts.


Jay Smith

e-mail: Jay@JaySmith.com

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graham wideman wrote:
> Folks --
> I'm no dummy when it comes to software (software engineer amongst other
> things, and I have read the FM 5.5.6 for Dummies book :-), but installing
> FM 5.5.6 has been a real exercise in guess work, and after 5 hours of
> floundering I could really use a reality check.
> The main problem appears to be that FM depends pretty heavily on ATM fonts,
> so of course I installed the included ATM.  However, that didn't install
> any fonts, so far as I could tell, and FM won't open a doc without
> complaining that all its fonts are missing.
> The Getting Started booklet talks about a Type On Call CD that looks like
> maybe it's supposed to be included in the FM box... but since there are
> other discrepancies between the docs and the CDs, I'm not sure. Anyhow, I
> didn't get one.
> So I tried calling Adobe... and calling, and holding and calling and
> holding (25 minutes and counting).  One thing I know for sure "a product
> specialist is not yet available to take my call".  And at 7 am Pacific time
> the tech support number claimed that this was outside the normal business
> hours of 6am to 5 pm Pacific time.  Wonder which part of the Pacific
> they're refering to??
> I did finally talk to someone at the Adobe number for Type On Call, and
> they claimed that the Type On Call CD is discontinued, and no longer
> included with any Adobe products.
> Yeah but... doesn't FM depend on it?
> OK, at this point I'm good and confused...
> Graham
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Graham Wideman
> graham@wideman-one.com
> www.wideman-one.com

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