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Re: Problem with FM+SGML Structure View

Steve -

The one trick I remember about this, which is a video controller/driver 
problem, is to turn OFF any 'hardware acceleration' for your display.

Try: Control Panel > Display > Properties > Advanced > Performance
and picking either a lower value or none usingthe slider control.

I ran into this on a system with an S3 Virge adapter, and when the 
structure view was either collapsed or viewed at small scale (50% or
less) the element bubbles were simply solid black.

| I was going through the Intro/tutorial chapter in the FM+SGML manual,
| and had a problem with the display in the structure view:
| The "balloons" in the structure view, when collapsed, display with a
| bluish, jagged fill that could not possibly be intentional (looks like
| a screen display problem). You can't even read the tag name in the
| balloon. When expanded, the balloon appears fine, but when collapsed
| again, it gets that obnoxious fill. Any ideas?
| I'm using FM+SGML 5.5.6 on a Windows 98 platform (Dell), Trinitron
| monitor. Never had display problems of any kind before.
|  -Steve

I hope this helps.

- Lester
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