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Re: SGML: using attributes for dictionary style running h/f


| That's right, only the first one will work. FM+SGML has no legal syntax
| for use with attributes that is a counterpart of the ones
| (<$elemtext[+,elemtag]> and <$paratext[+,paratag]>) for elements and
| paragraphs. You can, however specify a particular element tag for an
| attribute in a running header/footer variable, as well as a context label
| for that element, as follows:
| 	<$attribute[hdrtxt:Section(1stLevel), Section(2ndLeve)]>
| Where Section is an element tag, and 1stLevel and 2ndLevel are context
| labels defined in the EDD for element Section
| But, you cannot precede an elemtag in the above expression with +, to get
| what you are looking for. That is:
|         <$attribute[hdrtxt:+,Section]>
| is not a legal FM+SGML expression.

Are you sure Dan?

The constuct <$attribute[ATTR_NAME:+,ELEMENT]> does indeed work for me in
FM+SGML 5.5.6 (both Unix and Windows versions) to extract the content of
the "ATTR_NAME" attribute of the last "ELEMENT" element on the page.

In actual use, this is in a single Running H/F varible defined as:

    <$attribute[Label:Para0]> -- <$attribute[Label:+,Para0]>

(where -- is an em-dash)

to extract the numbered label from the first and last top level paragraph
elements in a  document.  And it works for me.

It looks like this: " 1.3 -- 1.14 " in the header of the page.

Maybe I'm just lucky and it shouldn't, but I'm not complaining.

- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley              | email:  LSmalley@Infocon.com
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