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Re: SGML: using attributes for dictionary style running h/f

At 04:00 PM 11/29/99 -0500, Bernard Aschwanden wrote:
>Hello one and all,
>Any ideas on the following.
>I am using attributes to drive the header and footer of a FMK+SGML file. The
>header is to do the same thing as running h/f based on para content.
>That is, as I add or remove content from the file I want the "dictionary"
>style headers to update.
>In "normal" fmk I can do this...
>and this displays the first heading on a given page.
>I can also enter
>and this displays the last heading on a given page.
>Can you offer suggestions to get the same effect with attributes.
>I have tried
><$attribute[hdrtxt]> and also tried
>The first works but the second will not.
That's right, only the first one will work. FM+SGML has no legal syntax for
use with attributes that is a counterpart of the ones
(<$elemtext[+,elemtag]> and <$paratext[+,paratag]>) for elements and
paragraphs. You can, however specify a particular element tag for an
attribute in a running header/footer variable, as well as a context label
for that element, as follows:

        <$attribute[hdrtxt:Section(1stLevel), Section(2ndLeve)]>

        Where Section is an element tag, and 1stLevel and 2ndLevel are
        context labels defined in the EDD for element Section
But, you cannot precede an elemtag in the above expression with +, to get
what you are looking for. That is:
is not a legal FM+SGML expression.
>Also, does anyone know what highchoice and lowchoice represents in the
>running H/F. (The online Help is about as practical as in other FrameMaker
Highchoice and Lowchoice are used with choice-type attributes in running
header/footer variables. Using these building blocks causes the header or
footer to display either the highext or lowest value of the attribute on the
page, where highchoice selects the value that is closest to the bottom of
the choicelist, and lowchoice selects the value that is closest to the top
of the choicelist.

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