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Problem with FM+SGML Structure View

I was going through the Intro/tutorial chapter in the FM+SGML manual, and   
had a problem with the display in the structure view:

The "balloons" in the structure view, when collapsed, display with a   
bluish, jagged fill that could not possibly be intentional (looks like a   
screen display problem). You can't even read the tag name in the balloon.   
When expanded, the balloon appears fine, but when collapsed again, it   
gets that obnoxious fill. Any ideas?

I'm using FM+SGML 5.5.6 on a Windows 98 platform (Dell), Trinitron   
monitor. Never had display problems of any kind before.

P.S. The display problem did not daunt my enthusiasm for this product.   
This is clearly the structured tool I've been searching for since I   
became a technical writer!

Steve Murphy
7138 Tolliver Street
Alexandria, VA 22306
(703) 765-7320

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