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Re: ANNOUNCE: Simpler database publishing

At 11:00 AM 11/25/99 +1100, Hedley Finger (EPA) wrote:
>If you are considering database publishing to paper or PDF, take a look at
>http://www.miramo.com [i.e. .  Unfortunately, this product only runs on UNIX
>and Windows NT (too bad for any Linux, Macintosh, or Windows 95/98 users)
>using fmbatch.
>Miramo is a lot simpler than generating MIF, or generating and then
>importing SGML/XML instances into FM+SGML.
>This is a Hedley exercise, not a Datazone exercise.  If you consider
>yourself spammed, complain to me, not Datazone Ltd.  They recently sent me
>an evaluation kit which was very impressive but a little high-end for the
>limited resources of this two-person consultancy.  But, so impressive that I
>thought it worthwhile announcing as many people may not stumble across it on
As Hedley suggests, Miramo ain't cheap. UniMerge, at about $700 retail, is
around 1/15 the price of Miramo, and is, in my view comparable in
capabilities. It executes on the DOS or Unix command line on Windows and
Unix platforms (even Macs equipped with RealPC). I've been using it in my
practice for the past 6 years with great success. I am not affiliated with
Refined Reports, the maker of UniMerge. Anyone who's interested can request
a 5-page paper (PDF format) from me describing database publishing with
FrameMaker and UniMerge.  
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