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Re: WWP - slightly off topic

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 14:25:34 -0500, Mark Dykstra <mad@klgroup.com> wrote:

>Hi, all. I'm hoping that someone on this list can help with a WebWorks
>Publisher question. The Quadralay list has been down for a few days.
>I'm working on a Frame to WinHelp conversion, and I've got everything
>mapped out as per the WWP 2000 documentation. The conversion works
>smoothly; CNT, HPJ, and RTF files are generated, and I can open them in
>a text editor. When I compile the .hpj file, a .hlp file generates with
>a working TOC and Index. 
>However, when I open the Help file and try to link from the Contents or
>Index to a topic file, I get a 129 error about the topic not existing.
>The topic files don't open. I switched from the HTML Help Workshop 1.2
>that installs with WWP 2000 to the Microsoft Help Workshop 4.03, with
>the same results. That makes me think the problem is in Frame or WWP.
>Has anyone ran into this before? Any ideas?

Well, we're not WWP users, in fact we have a competing product, Mif2Go.
But I've a couple of suggestions that may help...

First, open your .cnt and one of the .rtfs that doesn't work in a text 
editor.  If you have Word, go ahead and use it.  Find one of the .cnt
entries that doesn't work, and look at the part after the equal sign;
that's the "reference string" it's using.  There may be a "@" with a
filename after it; if so, make sure the filename is that of your .hlp
file.  Now look at the corresponding topic in the .rtf.  Do you see a
footnote with a "#" in front of it, right at the start?  It should
match the reference string in the .cnt for that topic.  If not, you
may have a problem with your WWP template.

Or do you mean the Frame-generated Contents or Index links don't work?
Those links are different from the rest in your document; they use
Frame's ObjectIDs instead of markers.  See if there is a footnote at
the topic with "#" and a long number; does that match the number in
the .rtf of the FrameMaker TOC for that item?  Again, a missing number
in either place could indicate a template error.  Or if the number is
missing in the TOC .rtf (where it would be "hidden text" in Word), make
sure your TOC is generated with hyperlinks turned on.

Hopefully a WWP user will reply with more specific ideas, but this
may help as a start...  Good luck to you!

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  (jeremy@omsys.com)  http://www.omsys.com/

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