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[FrameSGML] Table on more than one page (??hard carriage return??)

From: "Martin Forand" <mforand@justice.gouv.qc.ca>

Hi Framers,

This is my problem, I have 4 grey table with 3pt of white space between them. The second table start on the bottom of the first page (master page First) and end on the middle of the page no. 2 (master page Left) (then the third table start on the middle of the page no. 2 and end...).  I am not able to set the 3pt of space between the table 2 and 3. It seems to have a hard carriage return between.  

I use FM+SGML and the table is structured from a SGML document.

I have 3 master page, the first page and Left/Right master page (autoconnected).

Thanks for your help.


Martin Forand
Direction des technologies de l'information
Ministère de la Justice, Ste-Foy, Qc
Tél.:(418) 646-8328
Fax: (418) 643-3037

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