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Dancing letters: feature or bug

G'day Framers:

I happened upon a strange one. Can anyone replicate? -- Having
highlighted a few words in a  standard Body paragraph in a standard Flow
A in the standard text frame defined on the master page, I accidentally
(?ok, it was after midnight) held down the alt key and tapped one of the
arrow keys. Obviously, this is what you do when you nudge 'objects'  in
point increments.

To my astonishment, the highlighted words apparently made themselves out
to be 'objects,' and post haste, nudge, nudge, abandoned their assigned
position in the Body paragraph, leaving greater holes in my prose than
even I ordinarily expect to find there. The foot-lose culprits will
follow vertical or horizontal nudges with equal abandon. I am especially
fond of the editorial option that allows me to obliterate individual
letters, or words of any length or profundity, with equal ease,  by
nuding them clean  into and beyond  the margin. Gone from the frame.

Should I be surprised? Is this a feature  in structured long-document
publishing that I don't understand? Perhaps it's the layers
functionality that the Pagemaker-deprived among us have been hoping for
for some time ... it is certainly possible to pile up unlimited number
of letters/words on top of each other using this feature... legibility
may be marginally affected in some instances..

Why would this kind of thing be allowed in a 'structured/long' document
editing system? Taking my cue from the letters awol, I likewise went to
a strange place, and consulted the manual. Page 3-11 only tells me that'
moving' text involves the clipboard, etc. Little does it know.

I am missing a capital X, or was it a Y? Anyone? (And I didn't even
mention that Distiller or Exchange still insists on rotating my
Zapf-Dingbat bullets by 180 degrees...).  It's been a long shift.


Michael Heine                mheine@internorth.com

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