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Chapter number fixed

Thank you, all, so much.  The problem has been fixed.

I love this group.  I immediately received 10 e-mails, and have received a
few more since.  You were all very helpful, polite, and understanding.  Too
bad the rest of the world isn't like this.

Anyway, I must thank Melanie Shook for coming up first with the answer to my
problem.  As several of you suggested, I was already thinking of
"hardcoding" the number into my Autonumbering scheme (<n=9>).  However, the
underlying problem was that the preceding chapter did not have Autoconnect
on (Format -> Customize Layout -> Customize Text Frame).

The preceding chapter was causing me problems earlier due to disconnect text
frames.  When I discovered it and connected them, Frame must have
automatically deselected Autoconnect.  Therefore, the numbers in the
subsequent chapters did not increment correctly.

Once again, thanks very much.

John C. Catlin
Exchange Applications, Inc.
One Lincoln Plaza, Boston MA  02111

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