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Re: Adobe user to user forums

The Adobe User-to-User forums are actually hosted and managed
by a company call WellEngaged which at this time appears to be
highly disengaged and disconnected. Adobe management is painfully
aware of the problems and is actively working to get WellEngaged
to fix their problems or barring that, to move the forums to
a vendor with software and facilities that are more appropriate.

         - Dov

At 11/18/99 09:27 AM , Jason Aiken wrote:
>For the past three days I haven't been able to access the Adobe user forums. Can anyone verify if they're working (from Adobe's home page, click Support and then scroll to User to User Forums)?
>I just want to know if it's a "just me" sort of thing or if I should just wait until it's fixed.
>Sorry for the interruption.
>Jason Aiken
>Frame Templar

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