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Re: Capabilities of PDF

At 11:09 AM 11/14/99 +0200, Chaim Chatan [ENG] wrote:
>1) He requested that the hyperlinks be done in color (similar to Internet
>pages). From what I know, this is definitely possible in HTML, but I don't
>think it is possible for PDF. If it is possible in PDF, could you let me
You can color the anchor text for the hyperlinks in FrameMaker, and, if spot
color as black and white is turned off in the FM print dialog, and color is
turned on in the distiller PPD, the color will appear in the PDF.
>2) He requested a word search capability for the manuals. How do I do that?
If you're not using Acrobat 4.0, you must not use TrueType fonts. If you use
only Postscript fonts, Acrobat Reader has a word search capability, or you
can use Acrobat Cataloguer to conduct more sophisticated searches.
>3) The pagination in the manual is different from the pagination in the
>Adobe Acrobat program. He wants the page number on the bottom of the Adobe
>Acrobat screen to be identical to the page number in the manual. Is this
>possible to accomplish in PDF?
If you have Acrobat 4.0, you can make the page numbers in the PDF match the
page numbers in the original FrameMaker document.
>In the light of these requested changes, would it be advisable to convert
>the manuals to HTML rather than PDF?
No. PDF is better, IMHOP.
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