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Re: Building blocks in user variables

Yes, there is a way to do this, using context labels.

1. Under the EDD format rules for element Head, add the following:

If context is: Book
        Context label: 1st-level
Else, if context is: Chapter
        Context label: 2nd-level
Else, if context is: Section
        Context label: 3rd-level

2. Now, after adding the above to your EDD and re-importing the changed
element definitions into your documents, you can use the context labels in
defining your running header/footer variables, as follows:


Where "nth" = 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Note also that the use of such context labels helps you to locate the head
you want to cross-reference, because the list of cross-referenceable
elements will now qualify Head as:

Then, by picking the head context level you're after, only those instances
of Head having that context label will be listed.

Additionally, if you want to create bookmarks for Head when outputting to
PDF, the context labels will show up in the list of elements when you select
Acrobat Data from the Print dialog box.
At 04:45 PM 2/15/99 +0000, Richard Higgins wrote:
>Using FM5.5.3+SGML on Win95.
>Is it possible to qualify building blocks in running headers such as
><?elemtext[elemtag]> ?
>Using an EDD from a DTD which has a single element <head> that
>occurs in <book>, <chapter> and
><section>, can <head> the direct child of <book> be used as Running H/F 1
>throughout the book, with Running H/F 2 coming from <head> the direct child
of <chapter>
>Running H/F3 coming from <head> the direct child of <section> ?
>As I understand it, if you cannot qualify [elemtag] either by its position in
>the hierarchy or by a
>specific attribute, then the value will always be the most recent content of a
><head> element.
>Is there any way of fine tuning these building blocks to make them sensitive to
>hierarchy or particular attributes of <head> ? 
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