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FW: Auto-Text tool for FrameMaker

Hi all! 

I've spent the afternoon playing with Auto-Text. It's just joined my 
list of "Frame plug-ins I refuse to work without" (along with IXgen 
and Enhance). It's going to save us a *lot* of time! 

We use a notation "# (Button Name) button", where # is a screen shot 
of the button and Button Name is tagged differently from the body text.
Two keystrokes have now replaced the following:
. typing the name of a toolbar button
. formatting the name 
. importing the screen shot of the button
. editing the anchored frame so it is:
  . at the right height with respect to the text line
  . just big enough for the button

Auto-Text will also do variables, words with conditional text settings,
and probably anything else you could put in a table cell. Auto-Text 
will let you define your own names and keyboard shortcuts for the 
replacement bits, so you can auto-replace via either the Auto-Text menu 
or keyboard shortcuts.

Kudos to Steve for doing a great job on a really useful plug-in!

Ananda Banttari

> Do you wish that FrameMaker had an "auto-text" feature similar to
> Microsoft Word's? If so, go to the following URL to download Auto-Text.
> http://www.kagi.com/SPSoftware/
> Auto-Text is a FrameMaker plug-in that allows you to create and easily
> insert auto-text entries into any FrameMaker document. It's available for
> Macintosh and Windows. Best of all, it's shareware and only $10. You may
> want to give it a try.
> Steve Kubis
> Senior Technical Writer, DynamicTools Group
> Great Plains Software
> skubis@greatplains.com 

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