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Re: Y to K Problem; thanks for your help.

Although the sender of this message (allegedly sent to Microsoft) seems to
have sightly misinterpreted what the "2" means in "Y2K", it nevertheless may
be the definitive solution, not only for the Y to K problem, but also for
the Y2K problem.

>I hope I haven't misunderstood your instructions. Because to be honest,
>none of this Y to K problem makes any sense to me. 
>At any rate I have finished changing all my calendars so that the year 2000
>is ready to go! Here are the changes I made:
>1. the names of the following months were changed to:
>       Januark, Februark, Mak and Julk
>2. The names for days of the week were changed to:
>       Sundak, Mondak, Tuesdak, Wednesdak, Thursdak, Fridak and Saturdak.
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