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Update to 5.5.6?

I'm considering if and when to upgrade to version 5.5.6 from
5.5.3, both for UNIX and Windows NT systems. 

Let's see if I got this 0.0.3 upgrade straight... 
Correct me if I'm wrong or if I've forgotten something,
especially concerning *new* bugs in 5.5.6.

New bugs in 5.5.6 (UNIX/Windows)
* Scrolling forward at certain graphics jumps to a previous page
* Crash when saving file with generated hypertext links to PDF
* Crash when printing such a file with Generate Acrobat Data on
* Title for PDF files can no longer be set via /DOCINFO pdfmark

New features in 5.5.6

* XML export
* Word 97 (8.0) import filter
* Updated text and graphics filters (any examples?)
* Import PDF page into Frame document (Windows/Mac)
* Web Color Palette (additional color library for Web design)
* Support for Chinese and Korean text
* New dictionaries for Reformed Dutch, German, and Swiss German
* New platform support: Windows 98, Mac OS 8, Solaris 2.6, etc.
* Support for Open Document Management API (ODMA) 1.5 (Windows)
* The new currency symbol for Euro is supported

Corrected bugs in 5.5.6 (UNIX/Windows)
>From Adobe sources, e.g. searching the Support database, or in:

* Book files and updating:
 - No crash while updating/generating or importing formats into a book
 - No crash when you add a file to a book (Windows)
 - No crash when opening files in the background, e.g. updating x-refs
* HTML export:
 - Paragraphs mapped to a general macro keep footnotes, links, etc.
 - Paragraphs mapped to a general macro have no limit of characters
 - System macro table on the HTML reference pages can now be edited
 - StartOfSubDoc/EndOfSubDoc macros are no longer ignored
 - HTML files saved from FM don't contain words with extra spaces
 - Text is complete in paragraphs set to start a new, linked Web page
* Printing and PDF generation:
 - Provides a method for reducing the size of generated PDF files
 - Links work in LOM files in book converted to PDF from one PS file
 - Doc.Info. no longer picked up from imported EPS when saving as PDF
 - Scaled documents are no longer clipped when printing (UNIX)
 - No crash when printing/PDFing text of zero points in size (UNIX)
 - Printerlist pop-up menu in Print dialog opens faster (UNIX)
 - Table rulings overprint as expected
* Find/Spell/Compare:
 - No crash when you use Find/Change (Windows)
 - "Cannot open the hyphenation and spell-checking data files" fixed
 - More characters allowed for spell check and adding words to dict.
 - No crash due to invalid color id's when comparing 5.x documents
* File permissions:
 - Saving files retains the existing file permission settings (UNIX)
 - fmbatch can now open a file without write permissions (UNIX)
* Miscellaneous:
 - Same support as 5.1 for encodings of non-Western European languages
 - Character formatting applied correctly to Level1IX/Level2IX entries
 - Text wraps correctly when a line contains a right aligned tab
 - No crash on certain footnotes having formatting applied (Windows)
 - No crash when deleting pages with anchored frames (UNIX)
 - No crash if using Undo after deleting paragraphs at the end of file
 - Current licensees always displayed in License dialog (UNIX)

>From other sources (framers):
* Erroneous "Inconsistent color settings" book messages fixed

Anything more???

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