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Re: FAQ wrt Printing & PDF & Some Personal Notes

At 14:02 04/02/99 -0800, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>Based upon a real flood of email that I have recently received both via
>these lists and personally, a few comments and the augmented reposting
>of some important information is in order. You will all forgive me in
>advance for the length of this missive and/or if you personally know all
>this stuff and it is not of any value to you whatsoever. Thank you!


As one of those who wrote a rather sharp response to your earlier note I'd
like to be among the first to say


Your note is comprehensive, lucid, inclusive and (as always) authoritative.
Because of our collective lack of attention to problems which don't
immediately concern us, extracts will need to be reposted off list repeatedly.

Thank you

Mark Barratt
Text Matters                                   
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