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Re: Chapter Numbering question

There are two solutions
One is to add Chapnum to the list of paragraph tags that the TOC
Assuming every thing is working correctly you do this by opening the
book file, highlighting the TOC and then selecting Set up from the File
You then move Chap Num from the do not include list to the include list
and Robert is your relative.
On the other hand occasionally Frame fails to include paragraph tags at
all in this list and you need to hit it quite hard.
The other problem is working out what to do with the chapter number tag
once you have it.

The second method, which is perhaps less intuitive may be simpler.
Why not change the format of the ChapterNameTOC paragraph and give it a
numbering sequence. In the numbering tab of the paragraph designed enter
a numbering string of Chapter <n+>.
To ensure that the numbering set up in the TOC does not affect the
numbering of your chapters, either set chapter one to restart numbering,
or give the numbering in the toc a series letter.

Hope this helps.

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