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URIs for cross-references in FM+SGML V5.5.6? (was Frame+SGML export and external XRefs)

The behavior you describe is an FM+SGML "feature". I know of no way to
change it. In XML, Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs) can, I believe, be
used for such external cross-references, but I doubt seriously if FM+SGML
5.5.6 employs this approach in its XML implementation. The fact (as remarked
by Kay Ethier in an earlier post today) that Adobe apparently has failed to
document anything whatsoever about the new XML functionality in V5.5.6
doesn't help matters. 

If anyone knows for sure whether or not FM+SGML 5.5.6 can convert ID and
IDREF attribute values to URIs I's like to know about it.
At 08:09 PM 2/2/99 +0000, Neale Hays wrote:
>Hi all,
>When exporting to SGML, Frame's default behavior for XRef elements
>that it considers external (outside the scope of the SGML document
>it is generating) is to export as text, thereby dropping all
>SGML markup associated with the element.
>Is there any easy way of stopping it from doing this? I need
>to be able to support cross-references between books in a suite,
>and I'd prefer not to have to worry about authors exporting a
>single chapter in a book and losing references to other chapters
>in the book.
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