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printing grief under MacOS 8.5 and AdobePS 8.5.1

Help, Mac folks!

OK, Mac folks, it's my turn to request assistance.  My newly upgraded
PowerMac (6100 family, 40MB RAM and 41MB virtual RAM, MacOS 8.5.1) won't
print FrameMaker (5.5, 5.1) documents if there are any TrueType fonts in the
doc. The SAME docs printed fine before the upgrade (OS 8.1, print driver
PSprinter 8.1.1) 

Under the new OS, the 8.1.1 print driver has quit working at all. So I
reluctantly switched to the newest Mac driver AdobePS 8.5.1 (nastly little
overdesigned bugger); but most of my fonts no longer work. Help and
double-help! I print to an "old," reliable HP LaserJet 4mp across a
LocalTalk network. 

Not only can I not print, I can't make my PDFs either! Distiller complains
that it can't find the fonts (which are RIGHT there, in the Fonts folder in
the System Folder), and then flushes the job. The affected fonts whether
printing or distilling are Apple TrueType fonts that worked before the OS
upgrade. I'm ready to spit nails.

All help gratefully accepted. 

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
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